You will not send your SMS at the same time. Certain days of the week and certain time slots are more favorable and will give you better results.

The A/B test is a simple and very effective method that allows you to determine the best moment and thus increase your opening rates and achieve the objectives of your marketing campaign.

SMS messages between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., as well as on holidays and Sundays, is not highly valued.

 Make spelling mistakes

Every message you send influences the image you convey. That is why it is better to avoid making spelling mistakes, at the risk of seeming like an unserious company. Don’t forget to reviewssage bnding it. Attention! You Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List should avoid SMS language when communicating with your customers. This is unprofessional and not necessarily all your contacts understand it.

Texting too frequently

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With an open rate of over 96%, SMS is a very effective marketing tool. So it’s easy to make the mistake of abusing it. However, sending SMS messages too frequently to your customers can be counterpr yope for Thailand WhatsApp Number List your subaign poductive end up annoying your recipients, who will consider them intrusive. Make sure the message you se relevant; Otherwise, you risk having your contacts unsubscribe from your sending list.


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