We have been talking about digital transformation for many years and the reality is that we are still at the beginning of the process. In my first reflection on this topic in 2015 I used a phrase from the CEO of Diageo, Ivan . Menezes, “ It is not a question of doing digital marketing. It is about doing marketing in a digital world ”, as the beginning of the article and I verify that the arguments I used at that time, and in other articles, to affirm that companies are late to the digital transformation are still fully valid. Important transformation.  Processes usually go from the inside out and follow similar phases.  First the people and the company culture, processes, technology and channels.

Why should companies digitally transform ?

Although it is a complicated process, if we have been clear about the steps to follow for a.  Long time, why . Does it not end up working for many companies. And a more basic question, have we considered why we want to make this transformation? The basic response for the vast majority of companies is purely commercial or communication with their customers. If my top industry data potential clients and customers are on the Internet. My company must also be there to be able to offer them the best service. This is clear to us, or should be clear to all of us.

Keys to the success of the digital transformation process in companies

Many companies are currently reviewing their transformation plans (according to the BCG survey, 80% of companies are planning to accelerate the process), and in their search to adapt as quickly as possible, they are going to encounter the harsh reality . 70% of digital transformation processes fail 70% of digital transformation processes fail – BCG Phone Numberes According to BGC, the six factors that lead to the success of a transformation are ( nothing new with respect to what we have been talking about for a long time ): Define an integrated strategy with clear transformation objectives. Total commi


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