Knowledge that is essential to achieve financial freedom. More and more people dream of being able to stop working at the age of 40 or earlier thanks to the movement called FIRE. For me at 41 years old this is already late but you are still on time. Saving is important but the effect is multiplied if you are good at generating money. Especially the first three points on my list are related to it.

Specialty (demanded)

Specialty (demanded) A relatively simple way for those who are willing to leave their comfort zone and not give up if after 3-6 months they still do not see results is the topic of freelancing. Here I have already job function email list commented on more than one occasion that within the digital marketing sector, even starting from scratch without prior knowledge is possible. It doesn’t necessarily have to be this field. They could also be others.


Undertake Another alternative would be to undertake although I no longer see this as simple as the first. Let’s see, okay, simple is nothing in life but let’s say “very feasible” if you don’t give Phone Number ES  up easily. In my case, the entrepreneurial part is a form of investment. I am setting up projects that I am going to turn into start-ups.

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