Local SEO is a set of techniques aimed at increasing the visibility. Of a website or eCommerce page in searches for relevant information. Or users based on their current geographical location. Or what is more or less the same, making the website of a company that has a physical. Commercial premises or provides a service in a specific geographic. Area be found by potential clients who are in that area and perform searches related to it. that business. This does not mean that local SEO is not compatible with the implementation. Of measures to position our website in a more global scope.

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Although both objectives are symbiotically related.It must be kept in mind that positioning is only a means to an end. The most important email database thing is to offer value to our target audience with useful and quality content. With this we not only get a better and greater amount of traffic for our website (good content is always shared). But we also build an image associated with a positive concept. But. As if this were not enough. With this we also fulfill one of Cialdini’s. Principles of influence (that of reciprocity), according to which “to receive. You must first give something in return.” However. Is local SEO just as necessary as that carried out in broader geographic areas? The answer is: yes . At the local level. The commercial market – especially in medium and large cities . Is not exempt from the presence of increasing competitiveness.

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Without forgetting that in a world as globalized as the current one. Our competitors can be found anywhere on the globe. And that factor of geographical proximity to the user who searches for us can favor us.  Especially considering that Google maps Phone Number ES plays an important role here. That is why. Promoting this local aspect in our visibility strategy can give us a plus and benefit us competitively. Therefore, there is no doubt that being among the first search results on Google will ensure a substantial increase in the number of conversions and sales that our business will also experience in the short. Medium or long term in that local area. What benefits does Local SEO have? If our business does not have a service or product that we can distribute more globally. These techniques that help us geolocate our search results become almost essential for its commercial.

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