Lyra , known for being the French company dedicated to digital financial technology . Continues to expand in Latin America and has a huge reception in countries such as Chile and Peru . Fintech is essential because it helps individuals who are distanced from the financial system to be included in it, maximizing economic stability and opening up great options in the market. The audience that follows you on Facebook or Instagram wants new things, all the time. Therefore, as soon as you start publishing updated content on your blog, share it with your audience. Also try to create focused agendas for social media, which cause engagement.

Lyra’s positioning in the market

Since 2022, Lyra has had a powerful growth of 64% , both in the Peruvian, Chilean and Argentine market, having a turnover that amounts to 1.7 million dollars , positioning itself as one of the great architects of the fintech industry. In the continent . What is sought is to make the financial inclusion of clients easier , whether locally or related to various markets. For Fernando Luna Guzmán, who is co-founder and CEO of Lyra, states that “At Lyra we Thailand Phone Number Data seek to bridge distances and borders through technology, unifying all products and solutions in a single tool, so that those businesses that are regional or that want to expand , have less technological difficulty in doing so when they have a provider like us, understanding that regulation in Latin America is still uneven. Our focus is on providing the best user experience safely.

Consolidation in Latin

America e-commerce files – Be more on the Internet The firm’s global expansion has reached 46.7% , thus consolidating itself in Latin America , a region where it has UK Phone Number List operations in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama and Mexico. Likewise, it is intended to enter the markets of Bolivia and Paraguay , this before the end of 2023. Lyra’s positioning is quite broad in Peru , specifically since 2017 and very optimal results are expected throughout the continent. This way, they determine a fair price for both potential guests and hosts at any time.


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