What is the Marketing Conversion Funnel for

It is essential, you cannot start selling something if you do not know what type of audience or person you are going to offer it to. To do this, it is very important to generate a template where you define your target audience and your buyer persona . Be careful because they are different terms. You don’t have to have only one target audience, you can define several, since what you want to sell may be focused on more than one different profile. 2) Be clear about your business model It seems obvious, but it is not. You must know well what your main sources of income are for your project.

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At the same time, you must know well email contact list what resources you have and what your limits are to be able to execute a sales funnel that suits you. You should also clearly capture the different products or services that you have at your disposal, separating them by economic products or, initially, medium ticket products, high cost products, services that complement another that you have already created. Must be focused on the audience you want to attract so that they later become your client. It is the initial part of any funnel, so if your service consists of getting clients to learn how to create a website, there is no point in creating content that reports.


You have to offer something Phone Number ES that people really want. And what is a product or service that really helps? There is no magic formula, but fulfilling these aspects does help you create a service or product that is irresistible : Solve a user problem. Tell more about the benefits than the features. Make your promise real and if you can demonstrate it better. Generate urgency for them to hire your product and meet the established time. Offer payment facilities to adapt to a greater number of users. Offer real success stories if you have them.

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