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Poor borges, or literature in the digital age not even someone like elena poniatowska, a writer with a brilliant career and winner of the cervantes prize in 2013, was immune to this fiasco. For the publication of her book todo méxico , in 1990, confident in the authorship of the poem, she includ an interview with borges much earlier, in 1973, in which she interpolat “instantes”, assuming, surely, that such an addition, even without being part the original of that interview, in addition to being largely extemporaneous, did not affect the spirit of what the writer said there.

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As time pass, the inclusion of an article by Poniatowska, which insist on collecting that forg text, in a book releas in 2012 – Borges and Mexico – caus it to be abruptly withdrawn from circulation due to a claim formulat again. by Borges’ indignant widow. The reprint no longer contains that business database article. I dust off the memory of “Instants” and kept track of the enigmatic details of the literary entanglement into which it was transform, as a result of a strange and mortifying circumstance that definitely does not possess even the slightest bit of the dialectical finesse that the effort to unravel the origins of that apocryphal poem.

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II It happen like this. I went online to look for three works by Borges: Inquisitions , The Language of the Argentines and The Size of My Hope . The three are works of Phone Numberes youth that were exclud by the fine stylistic scruples of the Argentine writer from the ition that Emecé made of his works publish until 1972, and that I was reading in digital format (the time to visit libraries is increasingly scarce, and it is not possible to buy all the books one would like).

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