In the last 5 years, Movistar accumulated US$ 40.45 million in fines, equivalent to 41% of these sanctions imposed in the country on fixed and mobile telephone, internet and television operators. The list includes companies such as Bitel, Entel, Claro, Telefónica, among others. Infractions took their toll on Movistar in 5 years According to the Supervisory Body for Private Investment in Telecommunications of Peru (OSIPTEL), Telefónica del Perú SAA (Movistar), heads the list of operators with the most fines in the country in 5 years.

Other companies included in the list

In that five years, the company accumulated US$40.45 million in sanctions, equivalent to 41% of the total imposed by this regulatory entity on fixed and mobile telephone, internet and television operators. The financial fines imposed on Movistar were recorded “for committing various violations of legal Netherlands Telegram Number Data regulations and contractual obligations, applied to operating companies in the sector,” said OSIPTEL. Along with Movistar, companies such as Claro (América Móvil Perú SAC) also appear on the list with fines of S/ 72.20 million (US$ 18.58 million), Entel Perú SA with S/ 65.05 million (US$ 16. 74 million), Bitel (Viettel Perú SAC) with S/ 54.36 million (US$ 13.99 million) and other operators: S/ 28.48 million (US$ 7.32 million).

How did operators do in 2022?

According to an OSIPTEL report, all of these operators accumulated fines of S/ 377.55 million (US$ 97.33 million) in 5 years. Learn about the USA Email List districts of Lima that have the worst telephone and internet service. OSIPTEL confirmed that the sanctions during 2022 on fixed and mobile telephone, pay television and internet operators in Peru totaled S/ 87.60 million (equivalent to 19,044 UIT). The fines imposed were due to “the misconduct of the operating companies. Regarding the interruption and availability of the service (S/ 17.73 million), delivery of information to OSIPTEL (S/ 16.62 million), stolen terminals (S/ 11 .54 million), quality indicators (S/ 9.53 million), improvement commitments (S/ 8.56 million), returns (S/ 4.75 million), outpatient sales (S/ 4.61 million), among other”.


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