The municipal savings application will allow transfers greater than S/ 500 per day. The mobile wallet will also have the option of nanocredits or ‘lifesaving loans’ with amounts from S/ 300 onwards. Mobile wallet will expand transfer amounts The mobile wallet market will soon have a new player, who hopes to compete with Yape and Plin. This is the application that the 11 unionized municipal savings banks in Peru will jointly launch. The announcement was made by the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks (FEPMAC), which indicated that transfers of more than S/ 500 per day will be allowed through its platform.

The corporate manager of FEPMAC

John Sarmiento Tupayachi explained that these days they are focusing on the name of the new mobile wallet. Which hopes to be approved this week. According to the spokesperson, they want the name to be easy to remember among millennials and younger people. On the other hand, Sarmiento Tupayachi pointed out that perhaps later. Under the analytical unit of the federation he represents, transfers will go from S/ 500 to S/ 700. All of this is based Iran Phone Number Data on statistical support, he said when interviewed by Gestión. Other uses of the application On the other hand, the FEPMAC official explained that the application will also have the option of nanocredits or ‘lifesaving loans’ with amounts from S/ 300 onwards.

This lifesaving loan will be available

To clients and non-clients of the savings banks. Thus, we could talk about serving about 10 million people,” he noted. Finally, he did not rule out commercial benefits with Portugal Phone Number List stores such as service payments, cell phone surcharges, SOAT purchases and even delivery payments. On the other hand, Colombia and Peru, which stand out for having the highest level of penetration in online purchases during that period, close to 30%. The VCA team analyzed data related to transactions and payment volume within VisaNet in December 2022. They then compared it to the same month in 2021, 2020 and 2019, excluding spending and transactions linked to Visa Direct.


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