Netflix: Blocking of shared accounts definitely wants to end shared accounts. Although this has caused annoyance among subscribers, the company continues to maintain the consolidation of its project. Which is why it has said that it will insert it globally in the last quarter of 2023 , although it has changed their rules. The movie and series platform indicated that it will block accounts that come from devices. That do not use an identical WiFi network to access Netflix. It is an idea that wants to be  in the coming month of March. Where one of its objectives is to ensure that users cannot share their password with people who do not live in the same house.

How do you plan to block Netflix?

Considering one of the latest updates to the Netflix customer service center. The service will monitor that the devices from which users log in are supported by the same WiFi network, so it will block all those accounts. That are and that are not show activity since 31 days have since the last connectivity Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data was made. If the option arises to use the app from outside the owner’s home. Either through public WiFi or mobile data, Netflix will not penalize it as a violation. However, people who wish to use shared accounts will have to go to the home of the user. Who owns the account once a month and connect to their internet.

The internet connection will be identified

In order to know that the connection to Netflix will be made from the same place. The platform uses the IP address, the device IDs and the account activity itself. Thanks to this, there is the ability to know if the internet connection corresponding. To the house where the subscription holder lives is Vietnam WhatsApp Number List being . Netflix may prevent people who are located elsewhere from being able to access the account without having to pay the fee for the extra person. Netflix: What happens if Netflix clogs a device? “Make sure the device is the home WiFi network associate with the account’s primary location. Make sure the device is not connecte to a VPN, proxy, or other unblocking service,” adds Netflix.


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