Who has just taken over as general manager of Niubiz. Describes the payment firm’s planning for 2023, consolidating its strategy to access retail stores. Also, the objectives that are desired to be achieved with affiliated businesses are shown, taking into account the already established interoperability for electronic wallets. As the company is developing during this time. What role has Niubiz played in the development of the lines? The manager describes that “Our business as an acquirer is the main one and represents more or less 80% of the volume . Then comes the line of instant payments (P2P) , for which we have a platform. That also supports wallet transactions in the market. It is a business that has been growing significantly.

Payments through cards and P2P

For Gustavo Leaño, he describes that “In the acquiring business, 55% corresponds to debit cards and 45% to credit cards. But if we look at the business lines at an aggregate level. Wallets (mainly Yape and Plin) already participate with 34% of the volume and the rest are cards .” Payments made with digital wallets have two systems, the first has to do with ownership. Exemplifying this situation, it is evident that the BCP places the physical QR throughout Turkey Phone Number Data the points of sale and they can be attended directly. In the case of participation, the manager highlights the following. We can be the roads through which Yape and Plin transactions pass. We work with dynamic QRs in our points of sale and to the extent that they are issued. By these terminals we can take charge and see these operations.

Interoperability of digital wallets

It is practically a fact that interoperability will generate great returns for the sector. At Niubiz they are aware of the effect that can be generated with Yape and Plin . For this USA Phone Number List situation to happen, the organization must function as a kind of processing unit. This way, the market can emerge victorious over time. In general, closed systems are valid over time, although it is the financial consumer. Who is committed to interoperability and the company wishes to express this. As Leaño comments, “We are now ready to provide interoperability. When all the regulatory aspects are ready which in fact are already defined.  We will be able to go out and allow the interaction between Yape and Plin ”, He explains.


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