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Navigation clusters 4 Optimizing loading Product Industry speed. Other features included in Asap Theme. Ads Manager 5.2 Table of contents 5.3 Social buttons 5.4 Search 5.5 Short codes. Everything is very nice but… What is the price. Giveaway for an unlimited Asap Theme license. Participate by leaving your comment .Update – Giveaway Winners And today he brings you one of those articles. That Blogger3cero likes so much. A tutorial for a WordPress template optimized for SEO. A template created by himself.

Beautiful and offer Product Industry a good user experience

Because be clear about one thing, it is category email list increasingly important that your niche website does not look like a niche, but rather appears to be a professional website. And no, you don’t have to spend a fortune on design for your website to be beautiful and offer a good user experience. Today Federico returns to B30 to make his own contribution and democratize the world of SEO, something I have always supported. Hello friends! Yes, this heavy one here again… But this time I don’t come to talk to you about myself, but about my baby.

You can see how the template looks on a real website

My project I’m most proud of: Asap Theme . An SEO optimized Phone Number ES WordPress template created for nicheros by nicheros . In this post I will show you how you can set up a website with a professional design without having to have a large financial muscle. In addition, I have set up a small example niche so you can see how the template looks on a real website. The example URL is this . Did you see how pretty it looks? Now, let’s get to it! Why I created Asap Theme The reality is that Asap Theme was born as a necessity, and not as a business idea. Before Asap Theme, I used another template and had to add dozens of lines of

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