public keys and private keys

while the private key has the role of decrypting. The two keys are created in pairs. The sender and recipient of information both store a private key in their respective applications. This asymmetric encryption uses the Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA) algorithm. Apart from that, this type is known as end to end encryption. Advantages of using encryption In use, encryption provides many advantages. The following are the advantages of using it: Provides a sense of security to users. The confidentiality of information is guaranteed. Minimizes the occurrence of eavesdropping. Prevent data leaks. Disadvantages of using encryption Apart from encryption being able to protect user data, it turns out it also has disadvantages.

If the recipient of the information

loses the key or (decryptor) to carry out decryption, then the information message cannot be read and the information cannot be restored to its original state. Conclusion So, that’s the discussion about encryption. In simple terms, encryption is one way to protec whatsapp database your data from threats from irresponsible people. It itself has some very profitable advantages for us, but it also has opportunities for abuse and increased criminal activity. Well, what do you think? Write your opinion below. Encryption Decryption Concept for Data Security – end Also read the following selected articles.

What is the Difference Between

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