It is true that this is a controversial title for an article that will discuss the virtues of SMS, but there are many companies today that question the effectiveness of the SMS channel for sending communications with their customers. Well-designed SMS campaigns have a return of approximately 45% according to different studies and that is not surprising, since all mobile devices can receive text messages and we do not detach ourselves from them for practically a moment.

1. Because SMS are not read

It is true that there are other channels such as WhatsApp Business that are generating a lot of interest. We all like to chat on channels we already know and WhatsApp is the queen application to chat with friends and family. So why not do it with our favorite brands?

However, SMS remains the preferred medium. In the month of November alone, more than 30 million text messages are sent in Spain. Its use multiplies the volume of shipments from the Belize Phone Number List previou s month by 2.5. And every year, this number only increases. Which means that the SMS are read. Otherwise, no company would carry out SMS communications .

2. Because they are not sent at the right time

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You have to be clear about when is the best time to send an SMS campaign . And for this, there are two options. The first, carry out sending tests to see when our customers are most receptive to reading India Phone Number List  and taking action on our text messages. The second, consult the study that indicates that the best day to send campaigns is Wednesday . Although, there are some variations depending on the industry.


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