Rock Content platform Stage to host and manage the blog

We have successfully served various internal customers through this channel in a very practical way. ” The leader also highlighted the use of the , which is made entirely in WordPress, as critical to the management and performance of the entire blog. “Even if we have a bigger peak, an event, The phase that triggers CRM communication—the action that brings in more traffic—is also stable. ” What were the results? Well, they even surprised the iFood team itself, both in terms of Google rankings and audience numbers.

In addition to the planning and production of Rock Content, the audience results of online content

In addition to the operational structure, the results also correlate closely with the iFood team’s recognition of the need for this type of online content a perfect marriage between managers’ market vision and production expertise, providing partners with relevant, useful and impactful material. what are they? “We set some conservative, aggressive and very UAE WhatsApp Number List aggressive traffic goals, and we’ve achieved over 200% of our very aggressive goals. This is a very fast-consolidating pipeline, and we’re improving month-over-month in the metrics we monitor. A new record was set.

” In October 2022, the iFood Department of Partners

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Luo Ge broke the record of 600,000 visits. In November, monthly visits jumped to 900,000. “Only ten months after the channel was born, we can celebrate reaching nearly 1 million visits in a single month,” Leandro commented. This success has also extended to other content on the company’s blog inclversion rates for rich materials such asroach at ea track Switzerland WhatsApp Number List progress. You ju newsletters and e-books have increased significantly in recent months. This means that not only is traffic increasing, but viewers are also more engaged with iFood content. Partner businesses come in not only to receive timely information, but also to deepen their relationship with the brand by seeking ways to improve performance and use the platform more successfully.

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