Second-hand products: Sales according to research from the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences at Esan University. The second-hand product sales sector has impressive digital demand that will grow by 200% in 2022 . A large proportion of the businesses contain videos and messages in their publications that encourage recycling and environmental care. But in Peru these factors are left behind by the personal decision of one million Peruvians who opt for second-hand items. For Estuardo Lu Chang-Say. Who is a professor of the Administration and Marketing program at ESAN University , he explains that “What prevails is the price, and in a context of crisis, the price becomes an important variable.”

Second-hand products: Is their marketing feasible?

50% of the second-hand clothing that we place in our catalog is sold in a week. Who is the founder of Trendify, a brand that was the end of 2022. The company’s growth spanned 47 %. % in that year , this given to the digital advertising in Lima and regions such as Cambodia Telegram Number Data Piura and Arequipa. With respect to the model by Trendify, dedicated solely to digital sales. The payment of a commission is requested that may vary between 15 and 20% with respect to second-hand clothing.

Price of second-hand products

Required by the reception of presses in a particular way. Stuart Lu Chang-Say explains that “It is a business in which in the worst case. The profit margin is 20%, depending on the product. We see that in Peru, the most sought-after UK Telegram Number products for second-use purchases are household appliances, baby accessories, electronics and books. The professor adds that the market will continue to expand. So the commercialization of the products can reach a figure of 300%. You may also be intereste in: 15 companies to work from home in 2023 According to several sources. Among the most important aspects are quality and its condition.


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