Your clients are very important to you, let them know! Tell them how special they are to you with an SMS on the most romantic day of the year.

We all like to be told nice things, but there is something we like even more: discounts. Accompany your message with a promotional code and you will steal their hearts.

EXAMPLE: Happy Valentine

[NAME] ‘s Day! We simply want to wish you a happy day with whoever you love most.

6. Ask them how much they love you
To achieve a happy, healthy and long-lasting Singapore Phone Number List relationship, it is essential to have good communication. You know that your clients are very important, you don’t want to lose them and you can’t be left wondering.

Send them anĀ  to find out if they are with your service and what you can do to improve it.


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Hello [NAME], On a scale of 1 to 10, how many do you want us? We would like to know your opinion to continue improving.

7. Commit to your clients for the long term
It’s not enough to make your clients fall in love on Valentine’s Day, you must take care of them throughout the year.

[NAME], we celebrate Valentine’s Day every day, therefore, you Macedonia Phone Number List have free shipping costs on all your online orders [URL].

Use our SMS services to improve your customer service, send relevant promotions to your customers, remind them of their appointments or inform them about the status of their order. With these Valentine’s Day messages your users will surely fall madly in love with your brand.


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