In a time of high inflation rates , the proposals to obtain new consumers inside supermarkets will never be very diversified. In this sense, Carrefour has launched a new format that seeks to interrelate. The in-person shopping experience with the instantaneous nature of digital payments. This is a smart supermarket. Carrefour “Flash” is the creator of the smart supermarket The proposal is called Carrefour “Flash”. Which has come to light with an updated generation of stores that use artificial intelligence. Its manufacturing aims to reduce the immense queues at the cash registers and speed up the purchasing process.

What to find in the smart supermarket?

It is the first smart store in Argentina, with an assortment of approximately 500 basic items. The customer does not have the need to scan the various codes that exist on the products. Since inside the supermarket there are 20 HD cameras, about 200 sensors  with the different shelves. As well Singapore Phone Number Data as an algorithm to know each of the data assigned to the company’s payment mechanism. For its part, the location does not require cashiers or customer service inside the supply. But there is in-person or virtual assistance if collaboration is needed .

How does Carrefour’s “smart” experience work?

To use Carrefour Flash, you must start by downloading it in the “Mini Go” app , which is available on both Android and iOS. Subsequently, an account Sweden Phone Number List is registered and it is important. To have a debit or credit card to use as a payment alternative, all at the time of making the respective purchase. When you enter the store, you to scan the QR code that is in the door to access it. When entering, customers can have the items they want, all under an system that is the sensors that are in the shelves and that project visual recognition in the application.


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