Social Advertising: Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook; Who Wins Paid Ads?

Perfectly combined as a platform, the model fits perfectly. With it, you can perfectly reach buyers who are completely unaware of remarketing. So you can use remarketing to impress your indifferent audience, get them to take action (ACT), convert, and actually get them committed to your business. Best of all, I’s numerous features provide multiple approaches for different audiences. On the other hand, it also requires investment from advertisers. Simple square advertising images in your feed are no longer enough – instead, you need to invest not only in images, but also in formats such as short and thoughtful videos or collages that appeal to the same potential audience. Learn more about LinkedIn’s targeting options. » Read the case for what Instagram advertising can achieve by investing in it.

In addition to the importance of a thoughtful approach

Copying text is also important. Laziness doesn’t work here – instead, think about how to reach people who are a. hearing about you for the first time b. people who have already heard but still need to be taught why you are the best choice c. the most enthusiastic and willing to buy and d. Those who have already purchased it – for example, could they use the product better? When yos and content, Instagram is your channel for advertising. Also Read:  So who should run Instagram ads? Among 1.5 billion users, Takuu has potential customers in various industries. Even if you can imagine, cars and boats can be purchased through Instagram. Therefore, Instagram marketing is not only suitable for clothing and cosmetics brands, but also for more valuable products, services and B2B advertising. It’s worth remembering that even managers at different levels of a company, right up to management, are on Instagram as private consumers who you can influence through the right messaging and

Reach them with appropriately targeted advertising

I recommend testing different angles and making decisions based on the data you get. Did you know that only 0.1% of Instagram users only use the platform and nothing else? So if you are also advertising on Facebook, don’t repeat yourself but think about the audience for that particular platform. Therefore, it is also worth considering othrms to support marketing ads and always include Facebook. Learn more about social media advertising. On the B2B side, advertising can be perfectly combined. On the LinkedIn side, advertising costs are much higher, but the targeting possibilities are better, which means it’s even possible to contact people by company name. For example, by tracking an audience on LinkedIn that is unaware of REACH and directing traffic to the page, you can often achieve at least half the price through remarketing on Instagram. What kind of content is appropriate on Instagram? Instagram is a very visual world, and that’s what consumers expect.

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