The Swedish multimedia services company, Spotify announced that it exceeded its estimates and is projected to reach 500 million listeners next quarter. Spotify Tecnology SA presented its fourth quarter results. Where they exceeded their forecasts in both active users and subscribers. Likewise, he projected that the number of listeners will reach 500 million next quarter It should be noted that the number of monthly active users amounted to 489 million in the quarter. Exceeding the forecasts of Spotify and analysts, who expected 477.9 million. That exposure is high and more and more digital attacks such as phishing and malware are being observed,” he said.

At a good growth rate

Another important indicator that things at Spotify are going well is reflected in the number of premium subscribers. Who represent the majority of the company’s revenue. This group increased 14%, representing 205 million, exceeding estimates of 202.3 million, according to IBES data from Refinitiv. In addition UAE WhatsApp Number Data to the projection of 500 million users, the Swedish company also expects to reach 207 million premium subscribers in the current quarter and revenue of 3.1 billion euros (US$3.35 billion). In this case, analysts expected 202 million subscribers and revenues of 3,050 million euros.

Future projections Spotify

While its quarterly revenue was 3.2 billion euros, exceeding analyst estimates of 3.16 billion euros. Among its projections last year, Spotify planned to gain 1 billion users by 2030 and Mexico Telegram Number reach annual revenue of $100 billion. It also promised a high profit margin with its costly expansion into podcasts and audiobooks. To achieve auspicious results, the company has invested more than US$1 billion in developing its podcast business. Which currently has more than 4 million titles. However, these investments have affected gross margins. Therefore, security is maximized and better responses are accentuated in functions, such as image verification, which are essential.


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