The WhatsApp and Telegram apps have had a very big rivalry in instant messaging, so Will Cathcart , who is director of WhatsApp in Meta , wanted to take advantage of the occasion to bring up a note from Wilred magazine to influence the application by Pavel Durov . End-to-end encryption on WhatsApp and Telegram Throughout the Twitter thread you can see the following: “If you think Telegram is safe, maybe you should understand the truth first, especially if you are going to use it for anything private.

Telegram is not at all end-to-end encrypted

Default and does not offer e2ee for groups.” Although Telegram guarantees encryption in secret chats, it is true that WhatsApp has it by default in each of its conversations. Considering the study done by Wired , the absence of encryption in Durov’s app generates “the ability to share almost any confidential information requested by a government”, causing the Philippines Phone Number Data director of WhatsApp to emphasize that “Telegram lacks the real transparency that the most technology companies have adopted . ” You may also be interested in: Learn about the stages of the Mobile App Marketing funnel Privacy policy on Telegram Telegram VS WhatsApp.

Which is a more secure messenger?

Similarly, Wired’s investigation maintains that “at the beginning of the war between Russia and Ukraine it was possible to spoof Telegram’s Locations API to Qatar Phone Number List identify any user within a 2-mile radius if they had recently activated their location.” On the other hand, Cathcart is aware of the situation and describes that “Telegram’s privacy policy still states that they have never handed over user data to governments, but news reports suggest otherwise. People still trust Telegram for some reason, but I don’t know what .” The director of WhatsApp closes the thread by giving an explicit recommendation: “there are other excellent end-to-end encrypted messaging applications that people can choose from. If you are not going to use WhatsApp, use one of them, do not use Telegram.


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