The 10 most read articles on digital marketing in 2020

This hard year ends, finally! I think we are all looking forward to it being over so that 2021 comes with better news. It seems that mass vaccinations are about to begin. Let’s hope this begins to give us stability. As it could not be otherwise, here I am with the most read articles on digital marketing on this blog. Here I leave you the links to the previous years:  year, a thousand things have not stopped happening as always. I’ve published my fifth book (2 in less than a year!), launched my marketing podcast , and launched my mentoring service . Of course I’m still full on with consulting, the blog, conferences and classes.

Most read 2020 articles on Tristán Elósegui's marketing blog

The Social Dilemma : is an article about a Netflix report , which has generated quite a bit of controversy. From my point of view, this report has generated a much-needed conversation. To what extent are social networks beneficial/harmful? How should we educate to enhance the positive? Marketing guide in times of coronavirus : this article was the basis of industry email list the book that I published, a month later, with José Manuel Gomez Zorrilla, Marketing in times of crisis . It summarizes the bases that I think are the keys to starting the way out of this crisis for companies . Coca-Cola once again demonstrates its excellence in brand strategy : one of my last articles before the coronavirus, in which I delve into the importance of brand purpose using Coca-Cola as an example .

Companies with a strong brand purpose will emerge stronger from the coronavirus crisis

New book: crisis marketing, a guide to adapting to the new reality : and finally, the article launching my fifth book. The most read digital marketing articles on Tristán Elósegui’s blog : What is a dashboard and what is it for ? : in the same way that cars Phone Numberes have a dashboard with the main indicators of their operation, our company’s strategy must have one that allows it to make the best decisions. 10 tips for having a good conversation : The article summarizes a talk by Celeste Headlee on Ted Talks and helps us focus on what is important. What is marketing strategy and what is it for? : 2016 article that ranks in the top 3 overall on the blog. In I define marketing strategy, I differentiate it from tactics and I also give a practical example and links where you can get more information. 

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