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So this leads to a rise in bad decisions and high turnover. Therefore, the central company should develop an effective and coherent plan to eliminate this expansion and achieve a fruitful driving process. In the following lines you will find a plan that gives you the following answer “ How to hire a central agent? ” Build your ideal candidate profile The first step is to update job requirements and qualifications to keep up with changes in the contact center industry and the needs of your company.

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 You should also create a complete profile for the ideal candidate. This profile helps you new database understand which skills and experiences you need to search for in your candidate. Write a full job description. Definitions help you find platforms for such standards. Improve the efficiency of your upswing process because recruiters will work on predefined criteria to improve the accuracy of results because you will hate candidates with the required skills for the company.

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How to create the ideal candidate profile? Ask your agent to ask your senior staff to write down all their daily tasks in detail. For example, ask them to explain tasks such as “ in more detail in order to find a solution for Phone Number ES customer ’ problem ” as follows The first step that a central agent should do is search the document for this problem. If the agent does not find a solution, other specific resources to solve such problems should be defined.

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