The bet of a server, an institution, a businessman and a team The idea germinated quickly and in an intense green color as soon as I planted it in an interior eager for motivations and illusions . Everything went very fast. The water that irrigated it , which there was also, came from the hand of “my Che” , whom I always consult like “am I too crazy?” Of course, since he accepts me as I am, I’m not afraid to tell him my things. But this time he told me: your idea is cool . A comment on the Instagram post of Maïder Tomasena , whom I admire, helped make me think that perhaps madness doesn’t understand north and south …

post of Maïder

So I said to myself: “Victor, do it. Don’t think about it anymore and do it.” My next step was to tell my team at Grupo Graphic , who embraced the project. Telling it to my boss, who told me “go ahead Vic, you have our full support” and, after giving me a small Power Point, to Toñi from the Regional Hemodonation industry email list Center of Murcia who, opening its doors to a stranger, gave the green light accompanied by a A million thanks to this “ingenious idea” ( his words ). This is how a simple idea became a personal bet, a bet of a businessman, a bet of an institution and, above all, a professional and personal bet of a wonderful team. [piopialo vcboxed=»1″]An idea is nothing without people who believe in it and carry it out.[/piopialo] The revelation: have people around you bigger than you Know?

wonderful team

The difference between the initial idea and the final result is exactly the sum of the great contributions of those who have done their bit . ( Note to self: Vic, better prose than mathematics, don’t be too posh… ). Contributions that were not few. Because, of course, when you start to “make it happen” is when the difficulties arise . TRUE? But it’s amazing how gratifying it is to feel so Phone Number ES small . Contributions from my Che, my little sister Cristina, Alicia Agulló, Raquel Sastre but above all from Candi, Jorge, Carmen, Juana Isidro and the rest of the Grupo Graphic team. Contributions that pampered the project, that adapted it, that changed it, that added to it… that made it possible, building everything from scratch. Any smart person would want these people by their side . My mother. I don’t understand how I could have been so lucky. And know


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