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What was happening in social meia before the match with Portugal Aneta GlowackaAneta GlowackaJune 30, 2016 ・ 2 min read Share with Facebook Share with Twitter Share with LinkeIn QUARTER-FINAL – this magic word took over between the Polish national team and Switzerland during Euro 2016, ensuring us promotion to the quarter-finals. It often appeare with two other words – BRAVO and THANK YOU. At Brand24, we also joine the thanks and did it the best we can – by monitoring the Internet See what the emotions of Internet users looke like before the match with Portugal and why Michał Pazdan reigne in the mentions. POL All of Poland is cheering.

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Our team has been accompanie by the pol hashtag since the first Euro match – it appeare 193,828 times until the quarter-finals. It was present mainly on Twitter (185,933 tweets from pol), especially on the day of matches – these are the spikes visible in Latest Mailing Database the chart. The culmination of the involvement and joy of the fans, reflecte in the number of mentions, took place on Saturday, when we won against the Swiss. POL number of mentions euro Source: brand24 Quarterfinal Then, for obvious reasons, another word became popular in the entries – the quarter-final, which appeare over 12,000 since Saturday. times. On June 25, around 6 p.m., our Facebook and Twitter boards were fille with this one piece of information.

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Journalists, bloggers, actors, musicians, brands from various industries and your friends closer and further – everyone talks about it., praise Phone Number ES the players – entries about Pazdan stand out here. Pazdan effect Two hours before the match, there were 53,845 entries about it. Songs, memes, hashtags are create. See the Pazdan effect. Pazdan – number of mentions Screenshot 2016-06-30 18.39.15Source: brand24.

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