The phygital experience as part of its new omnichannel strategy, Real Plaza opened its first phygital space. To provide an experience that integrates physical and digital purchases. Real Plaza opens its first phygital space In line with its omnichannel strategy. The Real Plaza shopping center chain opened its first phygital space in Peru, where it integrates physical and digital purchases. The area where customers find this innovative experience is called “Conecta” and in it users find the product offering of 50 tenants and 1,700 sellers.

The launch of their ecommerce platform

Two years after through “Conecta” they seek to increase the traffic and sales of their tenants. Integration of ecommerce and in-person experience. The chain’s first phygital space is located in Real Plaza Primavera. At this point, visitors will be able to pick up more than 10,000 products from Denmark Phone Number Data the 50 tenants found in the virtual store. Additionally, as part of the experience. Customers will be able to try the offer in the same place, make virtual purchases and answer questions related to customer service. As for the categories, in “Conecta” you will find all those that are present in the Real Plaza e-commerce.

From sports fashion & technology

Smartphones and many more likewise, you can buy directly through the interactive screen. According to Carmen Salhua, Business Intelligence & Omnichannel China Phone Number List Manager of Real Plaza, with the opening of this phygital space the chain estimates to attract more than 5 thousand additional people to its headquarters located on Primavera Avenue. Fintech companies had a significant boom throughout the pandemic, which had an ambitious project and had the incentive of low interest rates and consumers’ need for financing.


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