The process of returning to the office after constant reunions

It certainly resonated, as it topped the USA Today ad meter rankings. 3. Amazon: Saving Sawyer Amazon puts a different but highly relevant spin on a familiar concept, proving once again that dogs are the secret to Super Bowl success. The heartwarming “Save Sawyer” ad reminds us how far we’ve come and how much we’ve dealt with in the past few years. Through brief conversational excerpts, we re-examine the biggest changes of the era from the perspective of a loyal canine companion. Saving Sawyer | Amazon’s Big Game Ad What’s the other central theme of this ad? How dogs and humans try to adapt to change.

For Sawyer, the difficulty surrounds his fellow humans during lockdown

. Advertisinds us that creative solutions are always just around the corner; in this case, a second dog should do the trick. The marketing takeaway, however, involves the enduring power of advertising-based storytelling, especially Tunisia WhatsApp Number List when it includes compelling details from collective experiences such as life in the age of COVID. 4. PopCorners: Breaking the Good After the series finale of Better Call Saul , fans thought the Breaking Bad universe was finally over. Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul don’t think so.

They returned to their trustworthy home in good shape

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car, just in time for the Super Bowl. They’ve replaced the iconic blue meth with something more dangerous: mouth-watering potato chips. PopCorners Breaking Bad Super Bowl Ad | Breaking Bad 60 This unexpectedly popular ad reveals the power of a timely and completely unexpected returst enough time to feel excited about thed ensure Portugal WhatsApp Number List your next campaign exceed Breaking Bad callback, but not too over the top. With the fast pace of marketing trends, there’s something to be said for familiar faces and hilarious premises. This generated an impressive following on Twitter, with PopCorners becoming one of the most talked about ads of the night.

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