The site features social discovery tools for finding new content

Instapaper  discovery instapaper instapaper is a content reader that allows you to save articles. Videos. Pages and any other interesting information you find while browsing. You can add content to instapaper with just one click and then view it on any of your devices. Having a centraliz   location for your content helps streamline the review process. And it’s easy to highlight and comment on any article for later reference and sharing. Key features: save almost any online content for later viewing syncs reading list across all devices offline mode to access content anytime price: free. Premium plan for $2.

Share and re-post those articles

Juxtapost  juxtapostfans juxtapost email List juxtapost is a content curation website for collecting photos from various websites and storing them in categoriz   “postboards”. These boards serve as a collection of posts that can be easily curat   as the collection expands. The site features social discovery tools for finding new content. And users can view other members’ forums and comment. Share and re-post those articles. Key features: comment. Share and re-post content by other board members create private post boards for your viewing export post links and descriptions to excel price: free 42. Listly  listly listly listly makes it easy curating and publishing lists on your website or blog.

Key features: a chrome browser extension

email list

The app can recognize links from almost all sources and also Phone Number ES accepts text. Photos. Videos and audio clips. You can also add products. Places. And amazon profiles to your lists. List distribution includes a number of tools. And you can completely customize the layout and details to show. Key features: a chrome browser extension for capturing list items while browsing get list items suggest   by your audience available as a web app or ios app price: free 43. platform online publishing that allows writers to easily create and share content with a large audience.

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