There are more It’s massive! watching hundrs of millions of hours of content. every single day! While this is great for reaching lots of people with your content — with the potential to get millions of views on a single video — there are some cons with such a big audience. For example. you may run into questionable or even offensive users that aren’t afraid to tell you exactly

How they feel about your content

There are more Vimeo. on the other hand. has a much smaller community. Of its 170 million active viewers. about 42 email list   million are in the Unit States. However. Vimeo’s community is generally very supportive and has many users that offer more constructive feback than what you might find on YouTube. Despite this. when looking at the numbers alone. no video hosting platform can match the sheer volume of YouTube. If you are looking to engage with a creative and more caring community of filmmakers. Vimeo might be the place to go.

YouTube is where it’s at

There are more But  if you want to tap into a gargantuan audience.. And hey. haters gon’ hate — but you don’t have to listen. Winner: Youtube Make your own videos Phone Number ES  today! Make professional-quality videos quickly and easily with Camtasia. Record your screen or upload an existing video. then bring the “Wow!” with effects. music. and much more. Download for free now Camtasia icon YouTube vs Vimeo. the type of content There’s this notion that YouTube is.


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