Forgetting passwords is common for many people, since we are constantly advised not to write them down. This can be a pain, as can the password reset process. Typically, the customer must enter their email address (if they remember the email they initially used), and then the provider will send a reset link to the specified email address.

With transactional SMS, the reset link can be sent directly to the recipient’s phone in a text message . Although it is not yet common practice, it would be much more logical for this function to be performed via SMS. Many people do not use their cell phones to send emails. In your case, having to reset your password Guatemala WhatsApp Number List via email is more of an inconvenience than a useful solution. With the use of SMS, the buyer is not forced to interrupt the online shopping experience. Additionally, you are much more likely to remember the phone number used to create the account than an email address.

5. Bill payment reminders and overdraft alerts

Nobody likes having to pay bills and it is true that receiving these types of notifications is not always pleasant. However, a bill payment reminder can prevent the customer from having to pay late penalties.

If your bank warns a customer of the overdraft risk just before making an online purchase, it will also allow them to avoid the resulting overdraft fee. Customers appreciate reminders that help them stay on track with their finances and save on unnecessary expenses. .

6. Receive feedback

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Transactional SMS also allows you to gather consumer feedbacampaige Ukraine WhatsApp Number List [inn witck on your service in order to improve quality. Requests for feedback should not have a promotional tone. You can ask your clients to rate your services and leave you a review.


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