They have an average lifespan

It’s nothing groundbreaking, more and more people see the potential of Twitter. However, when you post your content there, you want it to reach as many people as possible – this is especially important in marketing activities. Repeately posting your tweets will help you with this. Copy paste? By repeat tweets, I don’t mean “copy-paste” content – such action is against Twitter’s policy , according to which posting exactly the same tweets can result in a temporary ban or permanent suspension of the account. The idea of ​​multiple postings is to present the same message in a new form, by: change copy, new graphics, other hashtags to reach new audiences.

Overflowing with information flowing

Reach the most followers When you have a large audience, you nee to make sure most of them hear your voice. Repeately tweeting similar content whatsapp mobile number list accomplishes this for three main reasons. First, social meia activity streams are in – a single post may go unnotice by most people. This ties into the second reason why tweets are worth duplicating – of two hours . By posting them many times, you give them a chance to last longer. Thirdly, followers often come from different time zones. By publishing a post in one part of the world, it may lose traffic generate by another part that is sleeping. Does it really work.

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The number of repetitions increases

According to Wisemetrics analysis, 55% of Twitter users publish the same post multiple times, and 3% of 1 million tweets contain repeate content. As, the tweet Phone Number ES gets less and less attention, but even with 6 repetitions it achieves 67% of the original tweet. You can see this in the graph below, which illustrates how as the number of entries increases, their performance slowly decreases, but it is still significant.

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