Many companies invest large amounts of money in developing marketing campaigns to advertise top-notch quality products. And yet they fail because their business approach is not adequate! Do you know what this is due to? on this occasion: The buyer persona.

The Buyer Persona is a concept that puts the spotlight in the hands of those who deserve it: the customers. After all, the buying/selling process depends on them.

That is why it is necessary to avoid at all costs launching commercial plans until we guarantee that they adjust to what people want. Are your products or services designed for them? Does that new advertising campaign highlight the points that interest the audience?

That’s where the key is

The first thing is to thoroughly know the profile of thosotential Brazil WhatsApp Number List buyers and then adjust to them. That’s the winning bet!

That is what is known as a buyer persona. Below we explain what it is and why you should concentrate your efforts on defining one for your company.

Definition of Buyer Persona

The concept of Buyer Persona includes all the people who make up the mass of potential buyers of a company under the same idealized profile.

In other words, it is a representation that comypes of USA WhatsApp Number List companpiles aaracteristics of the audience that can be useful to define a commercial strategy. It is a fictitious profile prepared from real data previously collected.

When remote-controlled products or advertising campaigns are developed from a Buyer Persona, the chances of success are much greater. Because each activity will have been planned with the fundamental objective of capturing the interest of the analyzed audience.


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