In order to strengthen Peruvian social entrepreneurship and learn about its problems. The First Conversation of the Entrepreneurial Fund was held, promoted by the Wiese Foundation. Financing and professional advice Currently in Peru, the entrepreneurial system has many barriers to its growth. Under this approach, the Wiese Foundation promoted the development of the First Conversation. The Entrepreneurial Fund with the objective of understanding the problem and strengthening Peruvian social entrepreneurship. In this second edition of the aforementioned social innovation program.

Financing for entrepreneurs with social impact

Peruvians found in entrepreneurship a way out of the difficult economic situation in times of pandemic and thus 47% have already started a business. While 52% are considering doing so in the near future. On this path they find that the main barrier to entrepreneurship in our country is access to financing. According to the report “Entrepreneurship in times of inflation” carried out by Ipsos. It is within this horizon that the “Entrepreneur Fund” was born, which will provide Japan Telegram Number Data financing of S/150 thousand. Training and professional advice to Peruvian ventures with social impact. For José Deustua, director of UTEC Ventures, it is this group of entrepreneurs in Peru that are taking many cities and regions forward.

What do investors look for in a venture?

According to Rodrigo Arróspide, CEO of W Capital. The aspects that an investor evaluates in a business are transparency and character. Likewise, they analyze the business and financial model. That is, the profitability and how it will be paid if it is financing. The third point to be taken into account. The investor is Mexico Email List the entrepreneur’s willingness to allow themselves to be and  work as a team. “Every business will face risks, entrepreneurs must be ready to identify them and see how to mitigate them. Representatives of the allied institutions of this initiative presented their points of view. Regarding the situation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Peru and how the fund represents the accelerator to enhance its expansion and strengthening.


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