Receive an email with the suggestion to close the order ? This is remarketing : the strategy of showing content that triggers action from someone who has already interact with the company before! Because, even when a business sells well online, the conversion rate rarely exces 3% ! And when remarketing is appli to get offers to people familiar with the brand , conversions can increase significantly.

Understand how your business’s sales

This happens because consumers tend to trust brands with which they have interact in the past — even if briefly. Add to the use of online Think the advertisements , which allow surgical segmentation to deliver offers only to those who have already interact with your business, the brand remains relevant in the minds of these consumers. And it is because of its potential to keep the purchasing cycle active (or awaken a dormant cycle) that remarketing special data has become one of the most effective Digital Marketing strategies for multiplying conversions ! Tip: Learn how to use the Inbound Marketing Funnel in your business! 7.

Email flows can include all types of information


After all, when it comes to buying online, people are looking for some kind of security that your company delivers on what it promises! The simplest way (and a fundamental part of human biology) is to know other buyers’ opinions about what is Think the being purchas. You see Influencer Marketing in: Review portals written by the community; Product opinion sections in online stores; Digital influencers, who become modern spokespersons for the effectiveness (and price justification) of each brand. Contrary to phone Numberes widespread pessimism, people trust each other — and influence sales because of it! Tip: Mental triggers in Digital Marketing: how to use them? 9.


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