This is how sales went in October – the last weak month before Christmas

This is how sales went in October – the last weak month before Christmas. One more month with less than 30k billing. Just 27k with 7.5k profit. We barely cover the infrastructure costs with those figures. The good thing is that we have already surpassed last year’s figures . In 2020, 50% of billing was made in November and December. I don’t think that this distribution can be replicated this year.

Pokémon sales

Pokémon sales With 3.2 Pokémon it has become the strongest brand in terms of sales in the month of October. What has sold the best by far are the card packs. Among them there is also more and more that we have created from email database scratch. Two graded cards were also sold. At the level of individual cards, the ones that had the most sales were those of XXL size.

Topseller sales 2020

Topseller sales 2020 Our top-seller from last year continues to contribute 2.3k profit. Those who follow this blog already know that we no longer have the possibility of purchasing Phone Number ES it in relevant quantities, so here a large part of what would have been possible at the billing level for this year is lost. I have been able to buy significant quantities in October from another supplier.

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