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Before you continue.  in different countries around the world, which means that for now (2023) it can be only for some accounts. It is that it will be available to the public very soon. The informationin this text is on documentation from Facebook and national and international media on what is known up to the time of the application.

In this sense, facebook, which had already been processing payments since 2007 (2) although not in a way. its strategy: it went from being a cryptocurrency system with its own. Digital currency to creating a payment network that includes already local systems ( 1).

With the announcement of Facebook Pay

Finally, this has the purpose of confronting cash payments so that everything is out digitally, as is the case with other competitors such as Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Android, Alipay, Paypal, among Qatar WhatsApp Number List others (3).

Since 2013, Google has aoney using email attachments, with the integration of the Google Wallet tool (4).

In this sense, digital transactions began as a way of operating within ecommerce , but currently represent another aspect of the integration of all social and digital interaction possibilities: conversation, calls, video calls, sales and purchases, without leaving the app.


This addition is the ongoing libr

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Cryptocurrency, along with facebook’s calibra wallet , which is not yet active. In fact, recently, several payment companies the project. Including paypal, visa, mastercard, stripe, booking holding. Ebay and mercado pago (1), due to regulatory and hay the N track Switzerland WhatsApp Number List progrew Yeanealthy competition issues.

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