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The layout and functionality look quite similar to twitter. But as you might imagine. Tribel’s small but active audience leans left. You’ll find a lot of political memes here. Customize your profile and fe. Or join a public or private group. Tribel trending posts about trump there doesn’t currently appear to be a way to advertise on tribel. But if a vocal. Left-leaning audience is your jam. Joining this network to start some dialogue could be worthwhile. Learn more about identifying your target audience here. Hive social was first developed by a mysterious founder nam raluca back in 9 in november  The network hit  million users. The mobile-only social mia app is similar to twitter.

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Follow other users. Like. And repost content. One key way that hive social is distinct from twitter. Though. Is that its fe is chronological raluca. So says the about us lore. Was inspir to create hive because she was tir of her posts not being seen by friends. Another differentiator. 

There are no character limits for b2b email list posts on  hive social. There’s also no way to verify users at this point or to boost posts. Hive social minecraft and post malone but what there is is a range of ways to customize your profile. Too connect your account to your spotify to play a song when people visit your profile.

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And add your astrological sign and pronouns if you’d like. Gas gas is currently only available in  states but is dominating high schools wherever it goes. Between august  and november  It was download  million times. The social mia app allows users to post poll questions about their friends and collect anonymous answers. 

Think who should DO every Phone Numberes party? the questions all skew positive. Which makes sense. Given that the name gas refers to the goal of gassing up friends with compliments. Users earn coins for participating in polls. Which they can then trade in to reveal who answer questions about them.

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