Peruvians have a reputation for being great entrepreneurs and giving their best with innovative approaches. It is a route that husband and wife Mauro Peña Torres and Flor Soto Fabián were able to consolidate. Who are already owners of one of the largest handbag brands in Peru, which is called Tizza. The company has a long history in the Peruvian market, but aspires to expand to the digital ecosystem soon. The manager of Tizza explains that the demand for the items has had an exorbitant growth, so they are currently focusing on other segments. An example of this are wallets, backpacks, backpacks, purses, among other products .

Tizza expansion in the Peruvian market

Over 22 years as a retailer and currently a wholesaler. Tizza has become an ideal entity for satisfying the demand for perfectly manufactured, modernized and very comfortable products. Currently, it has 22 stores throughout Peru , in addition to having a very well structured Ecommerce. Flor Soto , who is general manager of Tizza , explains the goals that have been set to be achieved in the future years. Each of the approaches is based on environmental awareness and the expansion of channels, transcendental aspects for the company. Likewise, the Saudi Phone Arabia Number Data digitalization of its processes is another of the great objectives for the short and medium term. Since the organization intends to explore new markets and gain more customer loyalty.

More sustainable growth

Tizza’s expansion plan goes beyond opening stores on a massive scale. What we seek first is to restructure the DNA of the brand, to develop much more sustainable growth based on this. That is why we have redesigned the purpose of the brand to be able to clearly identify. What the path of Spain Phone Number List expansion should be,” he highlighted. Soto expresses that the most important thing is to carry out the internal reengineering procedure. Then move on to the execution of the growth model. In this sense, for 2023 the opening of 2 stores is planned, which will be located in several shopping centers in Peru.


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