A correct mia monitoring system provides valuable information for your brand. A good tool that allows you to collect business lead  insights relat to coverage in the press. Mia and online web is discover by launchmetrics . Through the set-up of specific keywords. The artificial intelligence platform allows you to analyze the best performing channels and regions. In terms of coverage. As well as understanding those who are the best supporters of your brand. Furthermore. Within the tool it is possible to create a personaliz newsletter to create coverage books to share with the team and stakeholders through a simple click.

Tool for measuring your brand's marketing activities

With mia mention tracking you will be able to measure your pr efforts and keep tabs on brand reputation through a personaliz and intuitive dashboard. “launchmetrics allows us to get an overview of the citations receiv online and offline. Furthermore. It allows us to monitor our reputation and capitalize on all itorial opportunities.” sandrine diagana online reputation manager at l’oreal performance measurement system tool for measuring your brand’s marketing activities another launchmetrics tool capable of facilitating the brand performance measurement system is insights . The platform measures the value of the marketing activities promot by a brand through the mia impact value™ (algorithm own by launchmetrics which we talk about here ). I

Tool for measuring influencer marketing in China

n addition to measuring the impact of each campaign by analyzing the voices that contribut most to its amplification. Insights offers an industry benchmark that will help you understand your positioning within the competitive landscape. Thanks to the platform it is possible to calculate the true roi of your activities and monitor the brand’s efficiency metrics to understand how your investments perform over time. Tool for measuring influencer marketing in china if your business is also present in china. You will ne a tool that allows you to monitor the results of your activities in this Phone Number ES  region too. Both discover and insights respectively offer the possibility of monitoring mentions of your brand on the main chinese social


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