It is estimat that the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs have caus more than a quarter of a million deaths to date.This summer (northern hemisphere) the first alarms were rais in Japan. By July 20, four weeks into the season, 44 people had di (and currently there would be several dozen more) due to the high temperatures, which in much of the country border on or exce 40° C. On this side of the world, in the Unit States the southern regions of Texas, Louisiana and Arizona report extremely hot days, while in Madrid the thermometers last week mark 45° C.

Ucation Encourages Curiosity

But let us not forget that during the summer of 2017 in northern Peru, thermal sensations exceing 40° C were experienc due to the coastal El Niño, which at the same time caus a warming of the sea that caus torrential rains that caus considerable damage. The ne to be alert to global warming and its effects Deadly heat waves, devastating droughts, catastrophic b2b leads rains. Is there any explanation why summers, in both the northern and southern hemispheres, have become so threatening in recent times? Of course, and the reason is none other than climate change, whose effects on the progression of temperature around the Earth (global warming) do not stop.

And the Ability to

 The bumpy itinerary of these verses was start in 1988 by Uno Mismo , an Argentine magazine specializ in psychology issues, direct by Juan Carlos Kreimer, to whose itorship one day Luis Frejtan arriv – at that time, in Phone Numberes charge of the Elpis environmental foundation . – trumpeting the novel discovery. A year later, the magazine Plural , found by Octavio Paz in 1971, would contribute to its dissemination through an article written by Mauricio Ciechanower, entitl “A poem a few steps from death”, and publish in the May 1989 issue.


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