A visual timeline interface keeps all tasks organiz   and workflows can be generat   to coordinate key actions. Key features: create a single system to manage all content over 100+ integrations to connect with popular tools accurate collection for sharing with various audiences price: contact for pricing 37. Zemanta  zemanta zemanta zemanta is a content promotion platform for native distribution. Advertising and conversion marketing. Users manage all content tasks through the clean and streamlin   zemanta dashboard. The system provides end-to-end monitoring of your marketing campaigns. Including real-time analytics to identify top-performing content. Key features: connect. Sync and automate with zemanta apis automation of campaign management. Including cpc bidding access to 35+ social. Native and mobile content discovery networks price: contact for pricing 38.

There are settings to customize the amount

Zest is content curation software moderat country email list by a community of marketers. Each piece of content is review   by the zest tribe and then machine learning and ai work to choose and match relevant content to each user. There are settings to customize the amount and frequency of receiving new content to suit your ne  s. Key features: receive personaliz   content selections bas   on your ne  s a micro-learning experience on mobile applications highly automat   system with artificial intelligence and machine learning price: free – $5.99/mo free content curation tools 39.

Key features: reach over 145 million viewers

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Flipboard  panel flipboard flipboard is a digital distribution Phone Number ES platform for original content built for web and mobile. It’s easy for all users and publishers to set up and start curating content with just a few simple clicks. With flipboard. You can join a massive network of large and small publishers. Flipboard’s app interface is very clean. Making it easy to read and navigate. Key features: reach over 145 million viewers on the platform a bolt program with enhanc   reader display (r  ) for a better reading experience easy-to-use tools to gain followers and increase distribution price: free 40.


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