Couples and friends are looking to celebrate this Valentine’s Day by enjoying new experiences. Under this framework, Airbnb presents the favorite destinations for romance and the most economical ones that travelers book online on this special and key date for commerce in all its forms. Attractive and affordable destinations for Valentine’s Day Traveling as a couple or with friends is a good plan on Valentine’s Day, especially for those who are looking for new experiences.

Why going abroad seems to be a good idea

In this framework, the application for renting rooms and apartments around the world, Airbnb determined which are the most romantic and popular destinations in Latin America. The list includes the beaches of Costa Rica, as well as other countries such as Argentina, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Chile and Brazil, which complete the top six places in the ranking prepared by the platform. On the other hand, when it comes to having a nice Sweden Phone Number Data experience, but with an optimized budget, Airbnb made an estimate of the destinations where you can spend less. According to the platform and its analysis of the Valentine’s Day holidays in 2022, the most affordable and romantic destinations are Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

The average price per night

In these countries of stay fluctuates between $30 and $58, an expense that allows, in addition to accommodation, to allocate even more budget to enjoy other Thailand Phone Number List activities in these destinations. What is the profitability of hosts with Airbnb during Valentine’s Day? In 2022, according to Airbnb, hosts earned nearly $500 million in revenue worldwide. This during the 5 days before and after Valentine’s Day. It should be noted that the hosts in Latin America earned just over $300 in that period of time. To make an effective calculation, hosts have a tool available on Airbnb, called “Smart Pricing.” This allows hosts to automatically find the most appropriate price for their stay per night, as indicated by the demand for spaces.


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