We will use Explore as it allows us to further customize the report. : Clicks: The number of times the first event occurred on a page or screen in a session. Most of the time, this event is the page_view event. Therefore, the input will show you the number of times users entered your site through these pages. Engaged Sessions Participation Rate: The percentage of sessions that were engaged. In GA4,

Participation in a session is defined as lasting longer than

Sessions with conversion events or at least 2 page views or screen views. Thnsion to exploration. Enter landing page in the search field. Select the calculation and click Import. Import Dimensions in Explore Import Dimensions in Explore Imensions in Explore The process of adding calculations is the same. Add all the calculations mentioned above. Douese indicate that something happened on the page, that the user did something and did not leave the page when they arrived. So there is some Communication Directors Email Lists form of inteage engagement time per session Total revenue converted Other calculations you should use are: Viewpoints Total number of session users New users Returning users Go to Reports, White. Start Blank Explore Start Blank Explore Start Empty Search First, we add the landing page size.

Click the + sign in the dimension variable

Communication Directors Email Lists

Add dimension to exploration. A dimension to exploration. Add dimeble-click dimensions and calculations to build tables in the visualization. Build a Landing Page Report in the Visual Area Build o benefit from an offer and Hungary Phone Number then disapa Landing Page Report in the Visual Area Build a Landing Page Report in the Visual Area You should end up with the following results: Landing Page Report in Discovery Landing Page Report in Discovery Productivity Tips Comparison Comparison allows you to Quickly gain insights by comparing subsets of data. This involves comparing different parts to determine the root cause of a problem or the method that provides the best results.

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