In the following link we share tips to make your little ones’ return to school smoother.
Some exercises so that your body and mind do not suffer post-vacation stress
We tell you how to make good planning so that going back to school doesn’t overwhelm you.
You have our frequently asked questions section available so you can ask any questions about the operation of

3. Gamify back to school 2023

If you really want to stand out from your competitors, something that works very well is the gamification of experiences. Offer a simple game to your audience and you can hook them on a journey that will make your brand stay in their memory. We all like games and it is a fun way to interact with a company. If you also add a prize, you will increase the attractiveness of the proposal.

For example:

Start the back to school clue game now. Discover the hidden treasure
Do you know everything about how to organize a good back to school? test yourself
3, 2, 1… The game begins! Be the first to answer these 5 questions that we VP Security Email Lists sent you by SMS and get a very special gift
You’re probably thinking more about your rest days than about what you’re going to do when you get back. Good. What are you doing! But don’t let this information pass you by. Save this article and return to it in September, I am sure that the guidelines we share here will be very useful to you.

And if your vacation hasn’t arrived yet, access your free trial today and schedule your back to school 2023 SMS campaign now.


Wide reach and accessibility

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