Last week I had the enormous. Pleasure of giving a conference at the Branding . Day event organized by . Cadena Ser in Cádiz. Huge for two reasons, the first because I have the opportunity to participate among . So many great professionals, and the second, because it is my first in- Person event since confinement. In-person or semi-in-person events can continue to be organized successfully, and this is real proof. Tristán Elósegui Branding Day Cádiz November 2020  Tristán Elósegui Branding Day Cádiz . November 2020 Being an event dedicated to brands, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about brand purpose . A concept that. Well applied, changes companies and changes lives. This was the focus of my conference .

Why are brands irrelevant and do we need them to be protagonists again?

Being different is difficult and scary, and it is not easy to maintain Companies are born with the category email list purpose of being different from the rest. They want to contribute something that others don’t have. But the problem is that . Waintaining that differentiation is difficult and also scary . In the beginning, they go on the market with an apparent competitive advantage, but the problem is that maintaining it is difficult. It requires that the company make a constant commitment to innovation and creativity to .Maintain this differentiation with novelties. It also gives a certain vertigo because being the first in something, things don’t always go well.

Neither our marketing is as effective as we believe, nor are we able to measure everything

It seems crazy for someone who is dedicated to marketing to say these things, but it is . Reality. In this article on brand purpose you have the detailed explanation, but I summarize the most important data that supports my . Statements: A Mckinsey study shows us that, if we do things well from marketing, we will be present in only a third of the interactions Phone Numberes prior to the sale. In the remaining two thirds, we are neither present nor expected. This is why neither our marketing is as effective as we think (we reach only a third of the interactions), nor is it . Capable of measuring everything (there are two thirds of which we do not . Know about). We only control a third of purchasing interactions We only control a third of purchasing interactions For this reason we need something to help.  Us pull these two thirds and take them to our territory. This lever is the brand, more specifically our brand purpose .


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