What advantages do transactional SMS offer?

Transactional SMS is a great way to improve the level of service you offer to customers. You have many ways to communicate with them, but none are as effective and immediate as SMS.

By sending your confirmations, reminders, delivery notices, and updates this way, customers will spend less time trying to contact you directly. In fact, messages will allow you to anticipate most requests to their purchases.

On the other hand, 94% of consumers consider that good customer service affects their loyalty to the brand . 61% of consumers end up choosing a competitor’s offer after a poor customer service experience. This data clearly illustrates how a bad customer service experience can affect us. Many consumers have a problem or complaint pending resolution. In the worst case, these incidents can last for days or even weeks.

34% of people who are

put on hold on the phone do not remember if their call was quickly. Using transactional SMS allows you to:

Reduce waiting times
Reduce the workforce
Reduce customer frustration
How are transactional SMS different from promotional SMS?
Transactional SMS are solely to Honduras WhatsApp Number List communicate with customers about their purchases of goods or services and about their reservations and appointments. This type of SMS aims to strengthen the relationship with the client until

the transaction with you is conclud

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On the other hand, promotional SMS are messages that are sent to subscribers solely for marketing purposes. These text messages are subject to authorization and you can only send them if the data subject has to receive your marketing SMS. In Spain, it is currently illegal to send commercial SM message for Thailand WhatsApp Number List your subsS to people who have not given their consent. Therefore, these types of messages are considered spam . You should also offer a well-defined unsubscribe feature in your marketing SMS so that recipients can unsubscribe from communications easily. There’s nothing stopping you from adding an unsubscribe feature to your transactional SMS, but this is not a legal requirement.

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