What does Amazon’s CEO ChatGPT and the capabilities of generative AI continue to be analyzed. By representatives of the most notable technology companies. Such is the case of Andy Jassy, ​​current CEO of Amazon. Who expressed his opinion on the matter in an interview with the Financial Times. Amazon has been creating an AI similar to ChatGPT for some time Various representatives and senior officials from the most important technology companies have spoken out regarding ChatGPT and the capabilities of generative AI. Anddy Jassy, ​​current CEO of Amazon, has been no exception. Speaking to the Financial Times.

Amazon must have a strategic response to ChatGPT

The background of artificial intelligence and machine learning technology under Amazon’s signature is mainly focused on the Alexa voice assistant. Likewise, in the code recommendation generator, CodeWhisperer. However, according to the Financial Times, there are various positions that suggest that the New Zealand Phone Number Data company founded by Jeff Bezos is lagging behind in the generative AI department. In this regard, Matt Macllwain, managing director of Madrona Venture Group, one of the first investors in Amazon, pointed out that the technology company must be aware of the trend towards intelligent and generative applications.

Amazon seeks allies in the AI ​​market

Andy Jassy said Amazon is also looking for opportunities. To partner with smaller companies to develop the area of ​​generative AI. However, he did not give further New Zealand Phone Number List details in the interview. From the economy and business site they affirm that one of these firms would be Stability AI, a competitor of OpenAI, which recently declared the company as its “preferred partner in the cloud”, to train and build its AI models. On the other hand, David Limp, senior vice president of devices and services at Amazon, told the Times of London that the company has been improving Alexa. The goal is to make it more conversational because currently it is very “transactional” and can only answer questions.


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