The same thing happens with audiences who, due to their purchasing power, cannot access your products or services due to their price. Or those who require a very large logistical effort when putting the product in your hands. Generally, the Buyer Persona is associated with another concept of interest: “Target Audience”. However, it is necessary to keep in mind that they are related but different figures.

The target audience is the result of a market segmentation process. Taking into account variables such as gender, age, gender, among others. But it is still a generic conception of the audience while the Buyer

Persona is based on a more specific analysis

When a company defines its target audience, it wants the answer to: Who wants the products or services they offer? While the Buyer Persona goes a little further by trying to answer: Who are the Greece Phone Number List ideal consumers?

But this does not mean that one concept is more useful than the other. Nothing of that! Both should be used throughout the different stages of a company’s development.

Elements of a Buyer Persona Profile

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Name: To improve internal communications and group understanding, you must assign a name to your Buyer Persona. To do this you must consider the main features of the analyzed audience, perhaps Sri Lanka Phone Number List some terms specific to the company. Be creative! Keep in mind that this will be a decision that will remain in force for a long time, so name it well.


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