What they want to buy this year and budget in advance

Consumers will be exposed to a wide range of holiday gift guides online through social media and email. Many will be and ignord. Send a link to your Christmas gift guide as part of your SMS campaign. Get people thinking about

Communicate your time changes

Most shoppers want to get for Christmas and plan their gift buying. Those who are a little more up-to-date can get excited about the brands they love. Inform your subscribers about your schedule changes. Send SMS messages containing important information:

Opening hours of physical stores
Latest delivery dates
Gift Return Policy
Start an advent calendar
A very popular way to engage consumers is to use Benin WhatsApp Number List a countdowristmas, that is, make something similar to an advent calendar. You can send communications daily to remind you of some strong points of your catalog. In it you should include:

Flash sales

Free gift with purchases

Free delivery
Discounts and offers
Exclusive access to news
Additional loyalty points
show gratitude
As the holiday season passes, schday message for Thailand WhatsApp Number List your subscribers during the holiday season. Wish them a Merry Christmas and thank them for their support. With these simple communications you will improve the level of commitment of your brand’s users.

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