We live in a world that evolves very quickly and in which each individual must optimize the use they make of an already time. Changing plans at the last minute or forgetting a reservation or appointment is completely normal, but for companies and organizations, this has a huge cost that should not be . In Spain, on average 11 million appointments are lost each year . Other sectors, such as restaurants and beauty , have also loss of appointments due to clients’ non-appearance. And, although we know that this is a situation that must be put to an end, we do not always know how to achieve it. A possible solution could lie in sending professional SMS as SMS appointment reminders.

What is an appointment reminder SMS?

Appointment reminder SMS are alerts in the form of text messages. They can be sent to clients, patients or consumers to remind them that they have an upcoming appointment. With an effective SMS appointment reminder system, companies and organizations can reduce the number of no-shows for appointments and bookings.

This type of SMS is the fastest and easiest way to contact customers. Thanks to their 98% open rate , they are the most effective solution for communicating with customers. Automated appointment reminders Hungary Phone Number List can even allow for two-way communication, so clients can pass along information as well. In addition to simple reminder messages, you can offer your clients the ability to reply to cancel the appointment. Let’s look at an example:

Hello Pedro, We remind you of your reservation at the Centric restaurant at 9:00 p.m. on May 30. To RSVP, reply “Y” to this message. To cancel your reservation, answer “N”.

What advantages do SMS appointment reminders offer businesses and customers?

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Sending appointment reminder SMS not only reduces the number of no-shows, but also avoids useless phone calls to retrieve clients. In this type of service, a complementary option that is very useful is the possibility of rescheduling appointments. An effective SMS platform offers customers the ability to cancel their appointments and Turkey Phone Number List  reservations, as well as postpone them through a link that redirects the customer to your booking portal. That is, this way, when a reservation is , you will always have the possibility of scheduling another appointment in its place.


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